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SvenMix San Diego

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Studio Services

Recording, Editing, Mixing, Mastering,and More

SvenMix San Diego offers the personalized

Recording, Mixing, Mastering and Production services you need

 from recording the first note to delivering your finished products

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Paul Svenson is the owner of SvenMix. He first stepped into a studio in 1971 and has been recording professionally since then. For decades he has produced hundreds of custom album projects for independent artists, church musical groups, choirs, spoken word, and others.  

In addition to expertise with studio equipment and processes, Paul is a multi-instrument musician and choral director and can play on your project as well as create instrumental and vocal arrangements. Sing your songs and let Paul help take them to the next level.

Tracking & Mixing

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Create and capture your next song with experienced professionals and the latest recording technologies at SvenMix San Diego. In addition to amazing equipment and instruments, you'll have a project manager/engineer who actually cares about your music.

Many people have recording technology at their fingertips and are able to record most or all of their project on their own.  But when it comes to mixing, your music can greatly benefit from years of experience, great monitors in a treated room, and a massive array of plugins running on an extremely powerful computer. 

Together we’ll collaborate throughout the entire production process to develop a final recording you are proud of and which your fans will enjoy. 

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Playing Piano

Recording Equipment

Work with the Latest Technology

Home: Recording Gear


The right mic for the right job is essential for capturing your music.

We have an amazing inventory of classic and modern microphones.

All our classic mics have been brought back to spec by mic masters Toby Foster and John Peluso.

AEA R84a (ribbon)

AEA 88a (stereo ribbon)

AEA 44CE (ribbon)

AKG C12a

AKG C24 stereo

AKG D200

AKG D202e

American D22, D33

American DR332 (ribbon/dynamic)

American DT9

American D-T (harp mic)

Altec 626a (2)

Aston Stealth

Audio Technica AT 4041(2)

Audio Technica AT 4051 (2)

Beyer M260 ribbon

Coles 4033 ribbon

Ear Trumpet Edwina

Electro Voice RE11, RE15

Electro Voice 635a, 636, 664, 674

Flea 47

Flea 49

MXL V77L ribbon

Lauten ST-221 Torch (stereo tube pair)

Neumann/Telefunken U67

Neumann M149 tube

Peluso P414

Peluso P87

Peluso P28

Peluso 2247LE 


Sennheiser MD421(2)

Shure 520DX"green bullet" 

Shure SM56

Shure SM57 (4)

Shure SM58 (1968 vintage)

Shure Super 55 (Elvis mic) (2)

Shure boundary mic (PZM style)

Sony C37p (mod to nuvistor tube)

Sony C55p

Sony ECM 377 (2 upgraded, 1 stock)

Sony ECM 22p (5)

Sony ECM50

Telefunken M80 (4)

Telefunken M82

Telefunken MD 418-4

Turner D104

Townsend Sphere 22 Modeling mic with Sphere, Ocean Way and Bill Putnam model libraries

Upton C12

Upton ELA M251E

Wahrenbrock original PZM (hand built)

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Gear and Instruments

Our studio is in my home and has been professionally treated and optimized

for vocals and acoustic instruments. Our capacity is intimate - one to three artists, acoustic or electric instruments, keyboards, vocals etc. We also have other rooms for chorus vocals, amps, etc. 

Getting your music into our system is a task we take very seriously which is why

(besides the great mics) we have outstanding preamp channel strips feeding two aggregated,

properly clocked top-shelf audio interfaces.


UA 6176 - 610 Preamp w/1176LN comp

Millennia STT-1 Origin channel strip 

Sunset Sound “Tutti” mic preamp

Millennia HV-35 mic preamp

UA Apollo x8p with most of the UA plugins

UA Apollo x16

Dangerous D Box +

Dangerous 2 Buss +

Dangerous Music A/D +

UA Octo satellite processor

Quested S7R monitors

Reftone small monitors

iMac Pro - 10 core/64gb ram and aux 37" display

Hundreds of classic and modern plugins from Waves, Softube,

UA, Plugin Alliance, Izotope, McDSP, SlateDigital, Sound Toys, UVI, ...

Dozens of Virtual Instruments

Full East-West Symphonic and Choral, Kontakt, Native Instruments,

Rob Pappen, Spectrasonics, UVI, Waves ...

ProTools 12 

Studio One 5 

Logic Pro X 

Focal, Sennheiser, Shure, Beyer headphones

Audio Technica professional three-speed turntable

Tascam Cassette Recorder

1948 Webster-Chicago Wire Recorder

1984 Mac 128 with Pro Composer


1995 Martin D28 Hank Williams (Brazilian Rosewood)

1999 Martin D45 Steven Stills (Brazilian Rosewood)

1957 Martin 000-18

1919 Martin 0-18

2010 Martin J12SO (baritone 12 string - Pete Seeger model)

1995 Gibson Everly

2012 Rainsong JM1000

1968 Yamaha FG110 (Nashville strung)

1975 Ibanez Artist Mastertone style 5 string resonator banjo

2004 Gold Tone open-back long neck 5 string (Seeger style) banjo

1930 Banner Blue tenor banjo

1928 National TriCone steel guitar

2005 Gold Tone - Beard Dobro

1955 Magnatone lap steel

2012 Gold Tone GM110 mandolin

2010 Line 6 - 700 series gold-top modeling guitar

2010 Line 6 - 700 series 4 string bass

Yamaha P120 - 88 key electric piano

Nord Electro 6D - piano/organ

Several midi controller keyboards

Presonus ATOM drum pad

1970s Dulcimer

1800s 6 string Lute

Cowbell (as much as you like)

Assorted clicky, bangy, drummy, tooty, ringy, squeaky, jingly and rude instruments

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Contact Us

San Diego, CA, USA

858 945-2459

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